Friday, August 17, 2012

Happy Friday

Today my son and I have lots to do....he is starting his first day of preschool on Monday, we are going to meet his teacher and see his new classroom this afternoon.  My baby has now become a little boy which is bittersweet and I find that he has become smarter than the average bear so to speak.  Now we have entered the war of wills especially at the dinner table.  He is the carb kid, refuses most meat and ALL vegetables.  Of course he tries to convince me that candy makes him "strong like Superman."  Needless to say Grandma is in all her glory as she reminds me that paybacks are divine!  HELP!!  I need a book with Superheros that eat their veggies....any suggestions are very welcome!!

Since I am waiting on the next Donna Grant book in the Dark King series....NIGHT'S AWAKENING, I am going to start Elisabeth Naughton's Enraptured.  Of course with the hectic day, that will be what soothes the insomnia this eve....

Happy Friday to all....CHEERS

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