Monday, January 7, 2013

Out with the old in with the new....2013

I have been out of it lately, we finally closed on our new condo in early December and my life seems like a blur ever since.  But most definitely in the most positive way!!  So out with the old rental house and in with the new condo....I love it!!  It has changed so much....funny how a change can snow ball into so many amazing things!!

Over the last month I have watched my son grow closer to his Grandmother (as we are now a few doors down) and it makes my heart smile.  I just glow when I see my mom's face light up when my son interacts with her.  It is truly glorious.

I also enjoy the fact that my son loves our new home.  It is so cozy and became familiar rather quickly....of course in order to get it that way I did not stop moving, unpacking or organizing for 4 weeks straight!!  Good news....I lost about 10 pounds, bad news is I am exhausted.

We also got a real treat on Christmas day....our friend found two calico kittens......could you say "NO" to these little faces?
They were so scared and so full of fleas....but I am happy to report that after a visit to the vet and some TLC they are doing great....still a little shy!!  My son is in love and has named them...ARIAL and TINKERBELL!! 

For 2013 I want to read more.  I want to start painting again...whether on canvas or bodies!  I want to stop and smell the roses more and to enjoy life.  The last four years has been a manic roller coaster ride for sure.....for 2013...I want to slow down a bit.


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