Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh Happy Friday!! What is on your TBR shelf?

Friday is finally here and I am looking forward to a weekend of READING!!  With any bit of luck I will accomplish that!!

I know I will be rocking out to my most recent music download....


Amazing the feel and the vibe!!  Simply....IT ROCKS!!  

So I am still reading BREAKING POINT by Kristen Simmons
and started WHEN THE SIREN CALLS by Tom Barry

I took one look at Tom's book and had to read it...the image on the front is amazing.  It totally captured my interest!! 

Just 3 days until the second Royal Chronicle novella arrives - PRINCE OF SEDUCTION.

A fission of awareness snaked down Elric’s spine. His blood quickened as he gazed at the woman. He began to move toward her. The closer he got, the faster his heart beat. Could it be after all these years he had finally found his mate? Could it really be that easy?

He walked around her so that he would come up from behind. He wanted more time to study her, to gather his thoughts on what he would say. At one time he had planned everything out, down to the last sentence of what he would say to his mate. Yet now as he approached her, he couldn’t recall anything of his speech.

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