Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Hmmm....Fairplay or Not?

As most can tell from my blog it is mainly romance novel goo!!  And yes I love it!!  I also tend to post pics, books and other miscellaneous items dealing with romance novels on my Facebook as well.  

I find it most interesting that when I post a picture of a male barely covered in a sexy pose how I offend several of my guy friends.  

I find this to be most ironic....as I look around at billboards, page through teen/glam magazines, look through my news feed on facebook, do a simple google search, go shopping or even listen to the radio....I see more half dressed women in sexy poses that look younger than 12.  I listen to the radio DJ's talk about all kinds of crap, most of it is about T & A or how you need to go to their website and check out the T&A!  I won't even go into what is seen on cable TV, especially late at night when parents are asleep and kids are still up watching TV.

Not to mention that I body painted for years....I posted up all kinds of work photos....no one complained then about unclothed women.  

Even more ironic...is the complainers, most likely have not read any of the books I have even posted but the make the judgement that it is all sex....but they will read Playboy for the articles!!  

So I figured lets see what can happen if it is all in one post.....

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