Saturday, April 13, 2013


If there is one thing I like to do and that is eat.  Unfortunately we have gotten so far away from growing foods that are healthy for us, but even more scarier is Monsanto.

So one of my friends in Dallas, not only is the STARK RAVING CHEF a great guitarist but he is an amazing chef!!  The Stark Raving Chef designed and opened a new restaurant, "Sundown at the Granada"in Dallas, TX. Local ingredients, organic, grass fed, free range, vegan, seasonal, & gluten free are some of the terms you will see on the new menu at SUNDOWN!!  

The STARK RAVING CHEF has now formed the MOHAWK MILITIA to battle the GMO nightmare!!  Click on the badge below and order yours today....let the education and battle begin....forks everyone.....CHARGE!!

Please go to this website and check it out, it is worth your time and energy!!  Oh and while your there click on ABOUT and check out the bottom....enjoy!!

Thanks Stark Raving Chef for making it count!

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  1. Join the movement! Use your "voice" and let our government know that feeding us harmful food is not okay!!! "We are what we eat!!"