Sunday, May 12, 2013

REVIEW: Queen of Jastain by Kary Rader


Queen of Jastain was amazing.  I was totally captured be her descriptiveness of the was a wonderful escape!!  I found myself lost in the land of Jastain!!!   I loved the story of Avant and Abigail, the interesting twists, the struggles and the victories.  The attainable love, that is just out of reach...kept me turning pages!!   The intricate story line was the best...every time I thought I had it figured out it turned a different corner, that was awesome!!

I would highly recommend Queen of Jastain by Kary Rader!!!

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I asked Kary what her musical inspiration for the book was.

Queen of Jastain by Kary Rader


Abbey's Theme:

Avante's Theme:

Petra and Abby's Song:

Avant and Abbey's Song:

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