Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hail to Friday Eve....

Well it is Friday eve....Thursday as most recognize it and I am wishing it was already Friday.  For some reason this week I wish I was "Sleeping Beauty," no matter how much rest I get it is never enough.  Maybe I will just blame the hurricane, Isaac heading this way and the storms that seem never ending.  Makes me want to take up residency on the couch and read til the early morning hours.  What a luxury that would be...but that is most certainly not my reality.  Mine is work, work and more work.  I am a single mom who refuses to be on welfare, gets no support from the sperm donor (and yes I am trying to be nice), and wears all of the, dad, bread winner, maid, taxi driver, cook to the kid who doesn't like anything, and I am sure there are many more...but my mommy brain prevents me for remembering them all.  That is why I love to allows me an escape from the neverending and gives my brain a chance to catch up...not to mention it is my social life as well.  I am thankful for my life and most thankful for my son who is my miracle and I am SUPER excited for the next Dark Kings book out in 5 more days!!!
Check back I said before I will be hosting a fun contest soon!!

And HELLO Handsome!!!

OK...Dream job.....working the photo shoots for book covers!!!!

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