Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Step it up...

Been out for a bit...dealing with life.  Oh what fun that can be.  Getting back on track.  Made some major decisions as far as the direction my life needs to go.  After all I have started over twice in the last few years.  Once in Denver, now in Orlando, but it is all coming together.  Orlando is the landing place for a while for many reasons, but mostly my mom.  She was diagnosed with MS several years back and now it is starting to slow her down and needs my help more than she would like to admit. 

I took a break from things that I really enjoy to work on keeping our heads above water, after all starving artist is not what puts food on the table.  But I have spent the last 3 years storing ideas and they are ready to take charge and life.  It is time to restore the balance in my life and start creating again and yesterday I took the first step in that direction. 

After all, fairy tales only exist in books.  Reality is all to real and I am tired of all the misery that I witness.  It is time to rise above... I am woman hear me roar....I am cleaning out closets, so to speak.  It is a  long road ahead and a challenge that I more than welcome.

Ok...enough of that...on to the really good stuff!!

Donna Grants next book in the Dark King series is out today!!  So that is how I will spend this eve...putting the little one down and reading!!

Stop by the book tour and read a little piece of heaven, enter to win!!  Keeping checking my blog by for the tour stop here coming soon for another chance to win!!  Winning is good!

Be sure to stop by and check out today's excerpt from Night's Awakening ~~

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